Detailed Experiences

Graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique (France) and the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées.

Experience in development and management of infrastructure concessions in Africa

Development and operation of airport concessions in Black Africa (ASECNA) and then in the world (SOFREAVIA) for 10 years, then in France (airports of Lyon) (Air Bases, Ministries of Equipment and National Defense). Diffusion of a series of technical notes, recast in a course of airports edited by the National School of Public Works.

Engineering and construction experience

Three years at the Department of Equipment of the Rhone (Lyon): economy of transport and design of the road system of the agglomeration. Then six years in Egypt as responsible for the construction of the Cairo metro. It regularly publishes articles on the economics of transport in professional journals such as “Transports”, “Urbanisme”, “Etudes Foncières”, etc.

Experience in the development of concession and partnership contracts

Director of Strategy and Investments in the VINCI Group between 1991 and 2010.
This involves either the privatization of existing infrastructures or the development of concessions and Partnership contracts (PFI). Responsibilities concern:
– Long-term strategy
– Verification of the major economic and financial balances of concessions.
– Traffic Forecasting, Business Plans, and Master plans.
– Expenditure analysis, traffic modeling and the creation of a new pricing methodology based on the political acceptability of tolls.
– General and practical studies on the relationship between town planning, transport and infrastructure financing.

Cofiroute has developed an urban model called “Pirandello®”, used for economic evaluations of urban projects (housing, transport, offices).

Creation of PIRON Consulting

In November 2010, creation of the consulting firm “Piron Consulting SAS”. This consultancy firm works mainly on the long-term economic and financial aspects of major urban infrastructure and inter-urban motorway operations.

Research work on the economic-financial modeling of concessions, taking into account the budgetary impact for the states, and the drafting of legal clauses allowing the long-term evolution of concession contracts.

Participation in working groups

– Team leader of the PPP Group of the National Federation of TP (‘Travaux Publics’)
– Leader of the Concessions Economy and PFI Group at the Federation of the European Construction Industry
– Member of the Think Tank of the Union Routière de France
– Member of the Scientific Council of the Think Tank of the Fabrique de la Cité